A Huge Lesson Broadway Taught Me About My Clients

The Bridges of Madison County ad in the New York Times
The Bridges of Madison County ad in the New York Times

Last weekend I got the chance to visit my favorite escape: New York.

While I was there I took a stroll through the theatre district. It’s an interesting area. The theaters that line the street are both places filled with nostalgia and detached buildings that are constantly experiencing the loss of one show and the gain of another. That’s the exciting thing about theatre--it’s live and current and you can’t save it for later like media. It’s now or never, which well, isn’t that a bit like life?

Back to the lesson...

While in the theatre district I saw new signs on a marquis for a new show: The Bridges of Madison County, which I guess was originally a book and then a film. Neither the book or the film mean anything to me but there are two names attached that do mean something to me: Kelli O’Hara and Jason Robert Brown.

Kelli O’Hara is one of my favorite Broadway actresses. She is one of the best actors that sings and one of the best singers that acts. She is class personified and I LOVE watching her perform. Jason Robert Brown is one of the most celebrated composers alive today.  I’ve sung his beautiful music from Songs for a New World, Parade and the Last Five Years. His iconic sound is unmistakeable.

When I saw their names on the marquis that made up my mind for me. Take two artists I love, give them a musical and BAM, you’ve just sold me a ticket.

Perhaps my clients aren’t so different than me.

Maybe as an entrepreneur I can make the sale by offering my clients just two things that excite them. Two things that they need. One thing they need will attract them, but if I give them two, well, it’s a done deal. That’s a better offer than just one thing the competition is offering them.

Social Media Savvy + Experience in Arts Marketing Millennial Perspective + Killer Writing Skills Commitment to Flooring My Client’s Expectations + Journalism Experience

Whatever the combination, I’m convinced: two desirable qualities can nail the sale. 

Price, within reason, becomes a non-issue when you are meeting customer needs and delighting them.

Kelli + JRB = 1 ticket sold.

And I don’t even know the plot.

Don’t need to.

What are the two components you’re selling that will guarantee your sale? 

Last week I wrote about why I feel ok not living in a major city. It seemed to resonate with people.