Finding Margin: Confessions of a Wayward Blogger

Hilary Sutton
Hilary Sutton

Hi, my name is Hilary and I’m a social media and writing professional who left my blog dormant for a month.

*Hangs Head in Shame*

But I have to catch you up on what’s been happening, why I haven’t written here consistently in the past six weeks and what I’ve been mulling over.

April (and the first 2 weeks of May) was busy.

Crazy busy.

Nutso busy.

Leave the blog dormant busy. 

They say that if you’re “too busy” for something that simply means it’s “not a priority.” While I do think blogging is an important aspect of my work, in this case “they” are right on the money.

I set the blog aside because I’ve been working long hours.

The good news is that I’ve been working long hours doing what I love.

I’ve been teaching a 300-level social media course for the first time at Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve been spending my weekends (and some week day mornings) performing in Disney’s MARY POPPINS at a 550-seat venue. I’ve been working as a part of a social media marketing team (of which I assure you I am the least cool/creative) for several Broadway shows as we head into Tony season. I’ve been helping to steer a social presence for a news startup. I’ve been editing and writing for a local magazine. I’ve been working with other local nonprofits to tell their unique and exciting stories. 

And I’ve also been wrestling with ideas like: 

Margin vs. Hustle.

Where’s the balance between making sure you have work/life balance and hustling to do great and impactful work? 

I knew that achieving balance for me over the past six weeks meant that I needed to put the “pause” button on my blog. I only had so much time, energy, creativity and mental toughness to give to my work. I knew that blogging each week over the past six weeks would have put me over my max. 

I need balance. I need to be able to have the time and energy to have a conversation with my husband each day, to get out and go for a run in my neighborhood, to call my mom. 

And it would seem that blogging is a cornerstone of my career and what is important on a daily basis but over the past six weeks it simply didn’t make the cut. 

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m recalibrating. My goal for the next season is to blog consistently, provide you some food for thought and helpful content that will help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for hanging with me through this quiet spring. I needed that respite to provide excellence to my clients and to you. 

Check back soon for new posts. More to come soon.