[VIDEO] How do you get people to read your whole post?

Get to the point.

Get to the point right away!

Online article readers don't have the patience to let you warm up and ease into what you want to say in your blog post. It's like journalism. It's an upside down pyramid (shout out to Mrs. Huff, my journalism professor!)! Give your audience the most important, compelling information first! And let them know from that very first sentence that you have solid take-aways for them if they read on. 

In the social media classes I teach it blows me away how semester after semester so many students don't really get to the crux of their message until a few paragraphs into a blog post. Does this feel familiar?

I didn't really know what I was going to write about today. I could go in so many different directions! I was going to talk about this other thing but then I changed my mind. So now I'm going to write about this thing. **Here's what I'm actually writing about! 

Everything before the ** needs to be cut. Your process is important and may be interesting to your spouse or your puppy but your blog readers don't care about that irrelevant information. Get to the point. Get to the point right away. And that's your Tuesday tip. 

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Do you have a hard time settling into what your blog post is actually about? How do you get started writing?