Going Freelance: How to Launch, Market, & Build Your Freelance Business

Are you one of those people who would LOVE to freelance but you're not really sure where to start?

Over the past few months I’ve had many conversations about freelancing (some came as a result of this piece I wrote for Yellow Conference on freelancing) and I’ve noticed a trend. People have questions about super practical things like pricing, contracts, invoices, getting clients, networking, marketing, etc. There are people out there (perhaps you) that have a skill they’re ready to put to good use, it’s just all the other stuff that seems a little daunting. 

As a result of these conversations I’ve decided to lead a brand NEW workshop called “Going Freelance.” In this intensive, two-hour class I’m going to unpack all I’ve learned over the past five years throughout my freelance career. I’ll share things like where to find clients, when to fire a client, what makes a good client, the importance of your personal brand and what you absolutely MUST have on your website. I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned over the past five years and some of the systems and processes I’ve put in place that have made freelancing (and getting paid) a pain-free, dare I say, dreamy process. 

I’ve been there. There was a time when I loved the idea of doing my own thing and working 100% freelance but I just didn't have the tools in place yet to make a freelance career flourish. Working on my own terms definitely was a big part of "living the dream" but there was a lot of stuff I had to learn along the way. 

Give me two hours and I'll share with you what I've learned about freelancing over the past five years. 

If you're ready to go freelance, this workshop is for you! So yeah, I’m talking to you: 

  • designer
  • writer
  • artist
  • caterer
  • videographer
  • musician
  • subject matter expert
  • coach
  • actor
  • social media manager
  • tutor
  • web developer
  • illustrator
  • choreographer
  • stylist
  • photographer
  • teacher
  • seamstress
  • director
  • voice over artist
  • interior designer
  • wedding planner
  • (insert your specialty here because it's clear that I won't be able to list all of the incredible freelance skills out there!)

Bottom line: if the freelance life is calling, you know who you are!

It doesn't matter if you want to freelance just a bit on the side or if you want to go full time. If the idea of saying goodbye to a cubicle, being your own boss, having a flexible schedule, working on your own terms, and being entrepreneurial are attractive to you, freelancing may be for you. Get a crash course introduction to freelancing in my on demand webinar: Going Freelance.