More in Less is Now Available (And some other exciting news!)

After writing feverishly on flights to and from Texas and crowdsourcing a name for the book and even tapping my husband and Mom to help me edit and fine tune (thanks guys!), More in Less is finally here! 

I'm so thrilled to share with you this 53-page eBook that is full of strategies and tools that I use every day to get more creative work done in less time. Creatives get a bad rap for living in disorganized chaos and I want to debunk that myth. I'll be the first to admit that I have mild ADD, so these productivity strategies are exactly what I need in order to create. So many of us would not be able to produce if we didn't have strategies in place to be organized and productive. Amiright?

If you could benefit from a few more ideas for getting focused and productive, this eBook is for you.  I'm making it available for free until July 31. So get your copy now. You can download it right here

Some other exciting news to share is that I've begun working on a full-length nonfiction book (like, hold in your hand, smell the pages, bend the binding book. Ahh! ) and I'm now officially represented by the DRS Agency in Nashville. Guys, I have a literary agent. Geek out with me? 🎉

As always, really appreciate you taking the time to read. And if you download More in Less I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and hear your own strategies. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram