Embracing Change and Maybe Even Going Freelance...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with an old friend. And when I say "old friend" I mean like, buddy from the early elementary to high school years. This girl was in my life a solid 6 days out of the week for all my formative years. She was a social butterfly/loud laugher/people person kind of girl. And she was telling me (15 years later) that she loves living in the country now as an adult because people don't just 'drop in' to visit unannounced. Somehow over the 13 years or so that have transpired since we saw each other day in and day out she had become an introvert.

Isn't it incredible how we change as humans?

Another friend of mine who I've known for about 10 years (but haven't seen but a handful of times in the past five) was telling me that he doesn't have any weird feelings about turning 30 next year. "I'm all the ages I've ever been," he said. 

We change. We grow. But we can still access who we have been in the past. Those past experiences, thoughts, and ways of looking at life are just under the surface.

I've always been a person who thrives on change. At one point that meant that I lived out of a suitcase and lived nowhere longer than 6 months at a time (ah, my gypsy youth). But now it means that I spend my evenings performing in professional theatre or managing social media accounts for Broadway shows while spending my days writing marketing copy for a fundraising agency or teaching college communication courses. 

Change is a part of life and, I believe, it's to be embraced. Maybe "change" for you, looks like exploring new ways of creating a life for yourself that is fulfilling to you.

I'm excited to announce that on November 3 I'm going to be leading the workshop that I created last spring, Going Freelance. When I launched it earlier this year it was clear that it's a topic that resonates with a lot of people. The thing is, it's really not about business. It's not about money or working in your pajamas. 

It's about taking a leap and making changes so you can live a fulfilling life. Learning about the freelance world may be as unexpected as an extra-extrovert who's gone introverted. But it may be the right next step for you. Maybe it's not time to take the leap and quit your job, but it is time to get educated about your options. 

If you want a toolkit that will give you the information you need to potentially create something new and deeply fulfilling for you, check out my on demand webinar, Going Freelance.

Grab your ticket to Going Freelance here.