Your story is begging to be told.

Today on the blog I want to revisit my tagline: “your story is begging to be told.” I first chose it when I started HSL Enterprises in 2013. Since the start, I’ve been passionate about helping individuals and organizations tell their story in the best possible way. Everyone has a story. YOU have a story. And the world needs to hear it. No one can offer exactly what you can offer to the world. We need YOU. 

I think this mission is even more relevant now. We live in a culture in which we ingest perfect photo after perfect photo on social media. People don’t post the mundane parts of their lives. They post the best, most impressive parts. Seeing this over and over, day in and day out, can easily lead to comparison and perfectionism paralysis. It’s easy to feel like our own content, message, and story are never quite ready to share with the world. But I encourage you to go ahead and ship it anyway! You never know who needs your encouragement, honesty, and work.

We’ve only got one life, so I encourage you not to become paralyzed by a culture of perfectionism. Put your passion out there. The world is aching for authenticity. Let this be the year that you do that thing that you’ve always wanted to. Let this be the year that you share your purpose with the world. Tell your story.