New Free eBook Download: 5-Minute Mentor for Creatives

I’m thrilled to share with you that today I’m launching a brand new eBook called 5-Minute Mentor for Creatives

The eBook contains over 20 pieces of advice from ten creatives on a range of topics including time management, bravery, balance, inspiration, collaboration, comparison, handling disappointment, combating perfectionism, minimizing stress and of course, creativity.

 I named the book 5-Minute Mentor for Creatives because you can read a chapter in just five minutes and then put that advice into practice right away as you go about your day.

Over the course of a year I got to sit down with ten different creatives who run the gamut: social entrepreneur, playwright, filmmaker, composer, young adult fiction author, Broadway actor, memoirist, calligrapher, producer…the list goes on. The book centers around practical advice they have learned throughout their creative careers. In my interviews with them there was just so. much. good. stuff. I wanted to aggregate the advice they gave that I believe is most actionable and put it into a quick read format for you.

I believe that sometimes mentors come in the form of a professor, someone you work with, or someone you can sit down with for a cup of coffee. And sometimes they are people that you may not even know personally that you're able to connect with via media and technology. Both types of mentors are helpful in life. We should always be looking for opportunities to learn from those who have moved the ball just a little further down the field than we have. 

I hope you’ll download it, glean some practical strategies that you can apply to your own work, and walk away just a bit more inspired.

Download it here.

And be sure to let me know what you think of the book! I always appreciate feedback.