Answer These 3 Questions Before Putting Anything On Your To Do List.


I get asked with some frequency about how I manage my time.

And the truth is, while I've always had a knack for packing a lot in, I haven't always made decisions about time based on what's truly most important to me. It's easy to get swept up into what "feels" most urgent or what is happening right in front of you or what is being demanded of you by someone else. But the truth is, none of these are good indicators of how you should really spend your time. 

This week I want to share three questions to ask yourself before you ever dive into how to do more with less time. You have to start by getting clarity on what is most important before you ever figure out what needs to fit into your schedule.

Time management is directly tied to having clarity about your priorities. 

So before you put something on your to do list, make sure you know the answer to these three questions.  

  1. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. What is most important?
  3. What are your big goals? 

Getting clarity around these three questions will illuminate your highest priorities. These become your “big rocks” that go in your schedule before less important tasks. If you know what you ultimately want to accomplish and what is most important, you can make choices today that will help you make those dreams a reality. Living by your values is a critical component of effective time management. 

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