Hilary Sutton On Her Career Journey from Acting to Writing and Entrepreneurship

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On this special crossover episode with Everyday Creative People Podcast, Dena Adriance interviews Hilary Sutton on her career journey from acting to writing and entrepreneurship. Hilary shares what she loves about theatre, how she stumbled into being a full-time professional actor in her early twenties, and how she navigates the challenges of balancing multi-gig work with life outside of work. 

Hilary Sutton is a writer, speaker, and consultant, passionate about helping people spend their days in work that is wildly fulfilling. She is the host of the podcast, “Hustle and Grace” and the author of several eBooks and courses including More in Less: 21 Productivity Hacks for Creatives. Hilary has worked with clients ranging from Broadway shows, to nonprofits large and small, creatives of all stripes, and consumer brands. She is a contributor to USA Today where she has written about careers. Hilary and her family live in the DC metro area.

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