Branden Harvey On Good News, the Analog Renaissance, and Intentional White Space

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On this week’s episode Hilary peppered Branden Harvey with questions about his mission to share the good news of the world, how his personal community impacts his work and life, and how he avoids burnout. They discuss how he read almost 100 books last year and why he’s consciously approaching content consumption differently this year.

Branden Harvey is a storyteller focused on the good in the world. He's the host of the podcast Sounds Good, the creator of the Goodnewspaper, a printed newspaper full of good news, and built an online community over more than 250,000 world changers. He's helped brands like Disney, Square, Southwest Airlines, and (RED) tell meaningful stories with heart all over the world. He's been written about and featured by media including The Washington Post, Seventeen Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and Mashable.

Hustle Hack: Branden’s messaging is crystal clear. The way he serves brands, the content he puts out—it’s all around sharing the good news of the world. When he’s considering a new project he doesn’t have to wonder if he should or shouldn’t do it. The medium doesn’t matter His message is crystal clear. So what drives you? What is your heartbeat? Can you articulate it in a sentence or two? Get clear on your vision and your purpose and that will help you know which endeavors are right for you. 

Moment of Grace: I shared that last year Branden’s journey of reading and listening to a ton of books inspired me to use my time more wisely by listening to audiobooks on the go. But even good things need to be reined in sometimes. It’s easy to get used to constantly consuming—even good content needs to be consumed in moderation. Instead of having consumption be the usual gear you’re in—-carve out specific time for it. Consume intentionally. And then have some intentional white space in your life. Carve out intentional quiet times. Maybe it’s one commute each week or while you’re doing the dishes. Practice intentional stillness. Practice being instead of consuming.

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