How to Plan a Social Media Sabbatical

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Have you thought about taking a break from social media? Hilary shares 10 reasons it may be time to take a social media sabbatical. Then she gives 9 practical tips for making your social media break a big success.

Hustle Hack: If you’re going to take a social media break, pair that goal with another goal. Do you want to read two books during your break? If you’re an entrepreneur, do you have a revenue goal? Would you like to grow your email list? Giving yourself the gift of a social media break is giving yourself the gift of time. What will you do with it? 

Moment of Grace: While you take a social media break consider keeping a journal handy. Jotting down your thoughts throughout this journey will give you an opportunity to look at your life with fresh eyes. You’ll have more space to reflect on your life and come up with new ideas. Keep a journal accessible so you can jot down ideas as they come. Who knows what might begin as a result of you taking a social media break. 

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