Kayla Grizzard, Actress & Founder of The Hang On Mentorship, Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy, and Why You Should Choose Yourself

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Kayla Grizzard is an actress, mommy, wife, crafter, singer, worship leader, dancer, artist, and “Friends” fanatic, but the title she loves most is disciple. She is a graduate from Liberty University as a theater major and has the opportunity to share the stage with amazing people like Quentin Earl Darrington and Laura Osnes and performed on stage at the Tony Award winning theater, Dallas Theater Center. She and her husband moved to New York city and started a ministry called THE HANG that ministers to artists in the city. Although she still loves to perform, she knows she is sitting in purpose with this directive from God.

Hustle Hack: Kayla shared her practice of relaxed readiness. I love this concept. Be prepared. Work on your craft. Do what you can do to be ready when the doors open. And then relax. Hold those aspirations with a relaxed hand. And be ready to say “yes” to the doors that open and the opportunities that await you.

Moment of Grace: I LOVE that Kayla shared Sutton Foster’s quotation: “Get a hobby.” In fact after this interview ended I went and watched that entire commencement speech on YouTube. I recommend it! Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to create art. Don’t wait for someone to pick you. Pick yourself! Create opportunities for yourself. Want to write? Start a blog. Want to perform? Write a 10-minute play. Of course keep pursuing opportunities that you want to pursue—whether that’s Broadway or professional writing or whatever it may be. But in the meantime, choose yourself. 

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