I've always liked a lot of different things. When I was a kid I wanted to be a singer/actor/writer. In college I studied journalism and music and english and theatre. And when you glance at my resume, some ten years later, the theme remains: freelance writer, blogger, social media manager, professor, ghostwriter, communications director, lecturer, managing editor, publicist, actress. But while my passions and experience are diverse and many, they all have a common thread: I'm passionate about telling stories that are begging to be told.

I began freelancing full time in 2012 and officially launched HSL Creative in 2013. I'm grateful to have found success doing work that lights me up. In addition to consulting, coaching and writing, I work with Pursuant as a brand journalist, manage social media channels for Broadway shows with Spotco, teach social media, journalism and communication courses online at Southern New Hampshire University, work as an actress in regional theater, and I'm an entrepreneur. As you can see, I thrive on variety and creativity.

I'm an ENFP whose mind lives somewhere between marketer, journalist and creative. Over the years I've written some 700 blogs and 100 published articles. How people experience one another through social media is something that constantly fascinates me. 

I've got a MA in communication and media and a degree in journalism from Liberty University. My husband JuanCarlos and I live in Lynchburg, Virginia where JuanCarlos is working toward a master’s degree in professional counseling while also working with international students at the university. I love running the amazing trails in Lynchburg, Broadway shows, and red velvet cake. I'm a passionate, creative problem solver and I hope to help you solve some of yours. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help.