Get Your Dream Off the Ground eCourse

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Get Your Dream Off the Ground eCourse


Get Your Dream Off the Ground is an eCourse designed for those who have a passion and a dream but could use some support in turning it into a reality. We all need a nudge to help us move in the direction of our dreams. This is that nudge. 

The course content is designed for people who are not necessarily looking to "climb the corporate ladder" but rather want to take a non-traditional route in their careers. 

Over the course of 21 days and 10 lessons, the cohort will dive into goal setting, personal brand case studies, establishing credibility, website must-haves, social media marketing, strategies for promoting your work effectively, time management, and fighting fear in the creative process. 

Get Your Dream Off the Ground combines video and audio lessons with a workbook by Hilary Sutton. There are three tracks to choose from: maker, freelancer, and personal brand. The class wraps up with a 1 on 1 call with Hilary to help you solidify your action plan for achieving your goals. 

10 lessons
3 unique track options: freelancer, personal brand, maker
1 screencast
3 podcast recaps
3 optional homework assignments
3 video lessons
Access to exclusive HSL Workshop Alumni Facebook community
3 downloadable cheat sheets
1 30-minute one on one consultation

If you have a fire within you and you need a little help crystalizing your goals, making a game plan and launching, this eCourse is undoubtedly, the best next step. Any of these sound like you?

-Want to be known in your network for your writing?
-Want to double sales in your Etsy shop? 
-Want to land an agent? 
-Want to launch a coaching business? 
-Want to get a leg up on building a creative career before graduation? 
-Want to go freelance and say "bye" to cubicle life? 
-Want community and a coach to help you get clarity on your goals so you can hone in on them and succeed?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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