Catching Up On the First 6 Episodes of the Hustle & Grace Podcast

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The first six episodes of Hustle & Grace with Hilary Sutton are now available! If you haven't tuned in yet, here's what you're missing:

Episode 1: Molly Beck was a millennial blogger whose career was shaken during the Great Recession. She pivoted and went on to work with organizations like Hearst, Forbes, and Venmo. Her networking guidebook, Reach Out, was published last year. She recently launched a podcasting startup, Messy.FM that makes podcasting easy. In our conversation we unpacked her career story, networking tips, and strategies for getting a dream off the ground--whether it's a podcast, book, or business idea. 

Links from the Episode:

Molly’s book: Reach Out
Molly’s blog:
Molly’s Podcasting Startup: Messy.FM

Episode 2: Alexandra Silber is a Grammy-nominated Broadway actress, singer, educator and author. She has performing credits from the West End and Broadway and recently published her second book--a memoir called White Hot Grief Parade. Alexandra and I discussed diverging career paths and her strategies for avoiding burnout. 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“Dear listener, you have what it takes for exactly your life path and whether that matches up with the artistic job of your teenage dreams is neither here nor there.”
”I want my life to feel like a rich meal with many courses.”
”I have enough diversification [in my career] that I feel stimulated and satisfied but not so much diversification that I don’t have focus and drive.”

Links from the Episode:

After Anatevka by Alexandra Silber
White Hot Grief Parade by Alexandra Silber

Episode 3: Jeff Goins moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a musician but then changed his tune to nonprofit marketing. He eventually quit his day job and pursued his life's work: writing. He's the author of the Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. Jeff's thoughts on getting paid for your art and when and how jealousy befalls creatives resonated deeply with me. I think it will with you too. 

Quotes from the Episode: 

"It is the pursuit of great things not greatness itself that makes life meaningful.”
“Practice in public.”
“It’s not about how much we work it’s about how well we work.”
“Wherever you are be all there.” -Jim Elliot

Jeff’s book: Real Artists Don’t Starve

Links from this Episode:
Deep Work by Cal Newport
The 3-Bucket System

Episode 4: Laura Vanderkam is an author, time management expert, speaker, podcast host, and mother of four. I've been a long time fan of her writing--most notably 168 Hours and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. She recently wrote a new book, Off the Clock, about feeling less busy while getting more done. My conversation with Laura was powerful. I was reminded that planning and thoughtful time keeping can make you feel like you have all the time in the world. I LOVE this book. 

Quotes from the Episode: 

  • “We pamper the present like a spoiled child.”
  • “We often spend a lot of time on thing that are urgent but not important and the things that are important but not urgent tend to get crowded out.”

More on Laura’s Time Tracking Method and sample log.

Episode 5: Damon Brown is an app creator, Inc. contributor, consultant, and journalist who changed his work strategy when he became a stay at home parent--packing in more productivity to 15 hours of work per week than he had previously accomplished in 60-hour work weeks. We took a deep dive into examining Damon's recent social media sabbatical and how it impacted his business. Damon also talked about the impact becoming a parent had on his approach to work. 

Links from the Episode:

Episode 6: In this special episode I shared my 4 big goals for the third quarter of the year. My goals this quarter are unique as it's the final 3 months of life before becoming a parent. I also shared 4 hacks for staying on track with goals and avoiding burnout and the summer slump. 

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Links from the Episode:
Library of Congress Reader Registration
Burning Man Exhibit at the Renwick Gallery 

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