My 5 Favorite Social Media Marketing Productivity Tools

By now it's no secret that I'm a straight up social media nerd.

I love social media and its ever-morphing possibilities (even though I probably didn't need to see the zebra version of you on Snapchat.) The only social network that I ever resisted was Myspace--which was the first one all my friends joined when I was a freshman in college. Ever since that day I finally, begrudgingly crossed over to the dark side and chose my Top 8 I have been hooked. But never did I imagine back in 2005 when we all joined Facebook and wrote on one another's "walls" that these "social networks" would one day be a substantial part of my career. 

Now I use social media every single day at work. And not only have dozens of social networks popped up over the years, but a ton of productivity tools have been created along with them that help those of us who use social media to communicate ideas and market products and services do so much more efficiently. So today I thought I'd share with you my five favorite tools to get more done on social media faster and with greater ease. 

My 5 Favorite Social Media Marketing Productivity Tools

1. Buffer 
Buffer gives you the opportunity to consistently publish helpful, interesting content without logging into a social network every time you post. Buffer is a great tool to use if you curate content for an audience. I use it to spread out my social media posts and easily share content that I've found that I think my audience would enjoy. See an interesting article that would be helpful to your audience? Just tap the Buffer button and it will automatically share it on your designated social channels at a time you previously selected. You can drip valuable content out to your audience without having to log in every time you post. Buffer is available on your phone or computer.

2. Nuzzel
Scrolling through your social feeds in search of good content to reshare is not the best use of your time. Use Nuzzel. Nuzzel is a daily digest of the most shared articles on your Twitter feed. If you follow people and accounts that provide valuable content to you this will be a treasure trove of the best articles and shares of the day. And if you are a content curator you can scroll through, click on the articles that would be relevant to your audience, then schedule them in Buffer. Easy.

3. Pocket
I’m constantly coming across articles I want to “save for later.” (Many of them from my Nuzzel digest!) Instead of keeping 15 tabs open on Chrome I save articles in Pocket by using the Pocket Chrome extension.
Pocket is like a virtual version of that “read later" pile on your desk or night stand. When I get a second (at the airport or while dinner is cooking, for example) I open the Pocket app on my iPhone and there’s a self-curated list of articles I’ve been wanting to read. Perfect! (And so much less mindless than scrolling through Facebook or Twitter.)

4. Canva
This is my favorite tool to create clean, appealing, text-based images very quickly (see above!). With templates in every kind of image dimension possible (Facebook post, Instagram post, Pinterest image, etc, etc) it takes the guesswork out of creating images that are optimized for each platform. It’s too easy not to use. I never really understood you, Photoshop, and now I don’t have to! #Winning

5. Tweetdeck
This is my favorite service for getting a quick glance at several Twitter accounts at once. I never miss a notification and I’m able to schedule tweets with images very easily through Tweetdeck. 
Honorable mention: Hootsuite (for social listening). 

Social media can of course be a huge time suck. But there are ways to use it well and to speed up the amount of time it takes to share your story. Do you have any favorite SMM productivity tools? If so, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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Lenders Checking Out Borrowers Social Media Accounts: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Social Channels Are In Good Shape

Did you catch the news in the Wall Street Journal this week? A new trend has emerged in lending--checking out borrowers’ social media accounts in addition to their credit history. Now if you’re handling your social channels with expert finesse and have fan engagement on lock down, congrats! This is good news for you. If the thought of being judged by Twitter followers and Google reviews makes your palms sweaty, read on.

While having lenders make a decision about you or your company based on your presence on social media may seem unusual, well, get used to it. This is just the beginning of a new trend that I guarantee is not going anywhere. Your online image is your public persona. And for some this might be good news. If you have not so good credit but an impressive online presence, you may get the dollars you need.

In the meantime, here are a few tips for making sure your social media presence won’t get in the way of your future:

1. Be consistent--and honest. Have a consistent image across social media and in person. Make sure the story that you’re giving the lending company and the story they’ll read on your Linkedin and Facebook page all match up.

2.Address criticism on your page-don’t ignore it. This is major for a business page. You don’t want the conversation to go somewhere else where you don’t have the control. There’s nothing that’s worse than a disgruntled customer except maybe an ignored disgruntled customer. Engage with customers right on your pages. You don’t want them taking it to another media outlet or creating

3. Hire a professional. You may not be able to afford a full-time social media manager but you can certainly hire a consultant to support your social media channels. Get expert advice. Let a social media company--like us--help you improve your social media presence. We have something for every budget so email me.

4. Engage with fans on each platform. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. This is the name of the game. Connect with your audience. Show them you care. Give them useful content. Humanity is the key to succeeding online.

Have questions or comments about what should be happening on your social media pages? Leave a comment below.