Episode 8: Personal Finance Expert Lisa Rowan On What Every Millennial Needs to Know About Money

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In this episode Hilary brings Lisa Rowan, millennial finance expert, all her burning questions about budgeting on multiple income streams, what millennials need to know about saving, and the finance trends everyone under 40 should be paying attention to.  

Lisa Rowan is a senior writer and on-air analyst at The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites in America. She also cohosts Pop Fashion, a top-rated weekly podcast about the business of fashion and culture.

A former full-time freelance writer and vintage shop owner, she is well versed in the gig economy and the small-business landscape. Her financial advice has been featured in Women’s Health, Family Circle, Refinery29, Real Simple, The New York Times, and NBC News.

Episode Highlights:

“37 percent of millennials have less than 1000 dollars in savings and 12 percent of millennials have no savings at all.”

“Your money situation is as unique as you are to the next person.”

“If you’re trying to meet goals by paying off debt to start, you really need to be resilient and dedicated and you have to know there’s a big light at the end of the tunnel.”

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