2 Strategies to Achieve Your New Year's Goals


Ahh, the winds of change are upon us friends. This year is soon to be in the past and a new year is on the horizon. This week between Christmas and New Year's is prime time to reflect and adjust your sails for 2017. A few questions to consider:

What worked really well in your life over the last year? Which commitments? Which habits? Which relationships?
What needs adjusting? What needs to be minimized, removed, or improved? 

This year I'm adopting two new strategies as I tackle my goals.

First, I'm committing to just three goals per quarter. I was recently listening to Michael Hyatt's podcast and he pointed out that setting more than 3-4 goals at any given time is setting yourself up for failure. So, as a strategy for success, I'm focusing on just 3 goals for the next 90 days. It's so tempting for me to make a laundry list of goals to achieve at the beginning of each year. But by pairing down, getting specific, and aiming for achievability, I'm more likely to succeed. 

Second, I'm starting small. Just yesterday I was reading this article in Fast Company and the author made a point that made total sense. Want to implement a big habit into your life? Start by repeating a tiny habit daily. This is what she said: 

"I started by reading just one page of a book every night before bed. Often I would read more, but if all I could manage was one page, I would count that as a win.
Later, when the habit was already strong, I would put on a timer and read for 15 minutes, and eventually I was reading for 30 minutes before bed and another 30 minutes most mornings.
Just starting with one page added up: In 2013 I read seven books. In 2014, 22. In 2015, 33. That’s almost five times what I read in 2013."

This year, as a practical tactic for aiming at achievability, try starting with some super small goals. If you want to improve your eating habits in 2017, instead of eliminating sugar or carbs on January 1, you're more likely to find success and change your habit if you start small. You can start with no sweets after 7 PM or no french fries on weekdays. Start small. Start simple. And adjust as you adapt to your new habits. 

For me, one of my first quarter goals is to launch a new product on this website. Exciting stuff! As I prepare to launch, it would be a huge help to me if you'd take 3 minutes and take a 10-question survey. I want to make sure that whatever I'm producing here is of value to you. So I'd really love your advice. Here's the link to the survey

I hope you're able to take some time this week to reflect on the past, refresh your spirit through rest and community, and plan toward the future. Happy New Year!