Tuesday Tip 009: Will you take the QZO Challenge?

New year, new background for Tuesday Tip videos! ;-) Isn't the first week of the year kind of a thrilling time? The turning of the calendar year comes after we've taken a breather over the holidays. Hopefully your holiday vacation gave you time to reflect, recharge, and think about what you want 2017 to look like.

Now's the time to move into 2017 with clarity about what you want to accomplish. As I mentioned last week, I'm starting off 2017 with just three goals that I want to achieve in Q1 (January 1-March 31). At the end of that period I'll have another QZO and set goals for Q2.

Today I want to challenge you to block off 4 dates in 2017 for your QZO--your "Quarterly Zoom Out." This is a day once per quarter that you put life on pause and reflect, reexamine your goals, and readjust your direction for the next quarter. 

It's so easy to get caught up in whatever is demanding our attention each day. You blink and a year has gone by. Implementing a QZO forces you to take stock in how you're spending your time, energy, and brains. And if you go ahead and block off the dates now, then you can protect that time in the future. It's already accounted for. 

Will you take the QZO challenge? Give me a shout in the comments and let me know if you're doing it. And I'd love an update after your first one. I'm taking one this weekend and I've got another one scheduled for April, the day after my birthday. I'd love to hear about yours.

And if you haven't done it yet, it would mean a lot if you'd take 3 minutes and take the New Year's Survey. I'll be sharing results next week! Can't wait to get your thoughts and advice. You can take it here.