Episode 18: Quentin Earl Darrington, Broadway Actor

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Quentin Earl Darrington made his Broadway debut in the 2010 Tony nominated revival of Ragtime, starring as Coalhouse Walker Jr. He also made his cabaret debut with New York's Broadway by the Year series, “Songs of 1927,” and his solo concert debut with “QED, Chapter 1: Verse 1.” He is workshopping two new personal projects entitled “That’s Life” and “The Summer of 91.” In 2016 he starred as “Old Deuteronomy” in the Broadway classic, CATS and currently you can see him in the Tony-winning revival of Once On This Island playing “Agwe, the God of Water.”

Quentin joined Hilary on the final episode of season 1 to share his journey to Broadway, his transformational approach to performing and criticism, and the metaphor that he uses to keep his own life and work in check.

Episode Highlights

“It’s even sad to hear when people in the industry, even other actors who all experience the same things, will negatively look at a show even if the show does have some points it needs to grow, the fact is that everyone is creating art and everyone is pouring their heart and soul into work and believing in it, even if it’s a show about a blade of grass. There’s always a redemptive property or idea that the actor or composer or writer is trying to get across to an audience. There is somebody or some people who need to hear it and who will hear it. Most work should be respected and given a chance, and if for nothing else at least for the effort it takes in creating what we create here on Broadway.”

“Listen, when you find a place where you’re happy, when you find a place where people treat you with respect and love, where you can have fun and artistically grow, there is nothing better than that safe, fulfilling, positive environment.”

“My job is to keep my life and my windows clean so that His light shines through me, and if I focus on that, I don’t have to worry about anything else. I’m good.”

“The key to my “success” is to love people and to serve people.”

“Wherever you find yourself as an artist, I believe there is a way for you to use your gift to uplift people and change people’s lives.”

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